Editorial Strategy: 7 Components for Online Editors

Tips for developing your editorial strategy

Online editors have a different role than their print predecessors. The focus on accurate, unbiased journalism is still the goal, but there are a few specific ways of reaching this goal on the Internet.

What best practices are you relying on for your editorial strategy? The seven tips below come from years of research, acquired through operating our own publication, and watching the actions of other successful publishers, audience development professionals, and authors.

Editorial strategy tip #1: Let content drive your website – Your high-quality content should be the focus of a frequently updated periodical website. A regularly sent email newsletter should be aligned with your site, supplying registered users.

Editorial strategy tip #2: Create Google-friendly content – Incorporating search terms makes it easier for customers to use your site, and for Google to find and index your content.

Editorial strategy tip #3: A subscriber-centric approach – Building a permission-based email file and a social media community will help you retain an audience interested in your content.


Editorial strategy tip #4: Multi-platform – Online editors deal with platforms beyond print. Reusing and repurposing content will help you populate your site’s website. In this process, using free content will help you build an audience, and premium content will support revenue generation.

Editorial strategy tip #5: Create alignment – Preparing future content is important. You need to keep your daily activities flowing while targeting communities interested in your content. Keeping content aligned will keep audience members coming back.

Editorial strategy tip #6: Master the marketorial – Online editors will be faced with the need to create some promotional materials from time to time. Keep a balance between marketing and editorial content so that you’re repeatedly providing valued information, and not just selling products.

Editorial strategy tip #7: Developing your voice – Online editors have the chance to become well-respected authorities on their subject matter. Keep interaction in mind, to further relationships.

Do you have any more tips on editorial strategy to share? Please add them in the comments below.


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