Email News: Email Marketing Statistics & Lessons from Non-Publishers

Would you like to see an increase of 700% in your monthly email marketing statistics?

Email is an interesting medium that’s used differently by an array of businesses. I’ve worked with email marketing and newsletter creation for publishers and non-publishers, for-profit companies and non-profits. Although there is certain overlap, many companies do it differently and still find success. The key is to focus on your email marketing statistics, listen to your audience, and provide the best email marketing pieces and email newsletters.

The best types of email marketing pieces

Which types of email promotions do you find work the best? Consult your email marketing statistics if you aren’t sure. There are certainly options.

Many retail sites like to create engagement through email by offering deals and gift ideas, often around consumer-centric holidays. With Mother’s Day considered as the second biggest consumer-spending holiday by Forbes magazine, some companies used email campaigns to generate category-leading engagement.

Want to increase your email success like these companies? Try some of these strategies while creating your next email marketing campaign:

-Use personalization in your email messaging.

-Use numbers, particularly denoting the amount of days left to save.

-Use special characters when applicable (hearts were popular for Mother’s Day).

And don’t forget the email reminders, gently nudging your audience to take action before a certain deadline can help increase click-through rates.

Regardless of the email marketing type you prefer to send, your emails must be easy to act on.

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Top email newsletter content will get shared

As publishers, we’re constantly providing valuable content to our constituents, opting to send daily emails alongside promotions and weekly roundups. This is the routine that keeps recognition and brand engagement up. Working off a dedicated calendar allows for better email marketing management that keeps your efforts on track.

We practice writing (and testing) email subject lines to keep the best performing ones for future use. We’ve optimized email content with proper word counts and include images in email to create a more human feel.

However, every once in awhile it’s worth considering new options. That’s exactly what AirBnB did when they utilized a campaign that wasn’t focused on selling, yet it resulted in 600 bookings. It’s clear that not all promotional email campaigns need to be sales-oriented; creating an email campaign with a capacity to create social interaction may be your biggest revenue generator.

A new tip for email lead generation that has led to impressive email marketing statistics

What audience doesn’t love contests? Especially if the prize is desirable and there’s no entry fee. It seems like a no-brainer that contests would be popular online, but have you ever considered how popular?

Incentivibe has considered this and recently reported that landing pages hosting contests with a $500 giveaway generated 700% more email subscribers than landing pages without a contest.

If you want a sizeable amount of new email subscribers, try giving something awesome away.

Get excited about the possibilities of email!

Email is the largest driver of e-commerce conversions. It beats search and social media – two other extremely popular online avenues.

You can make your email marketing list perform better. And you can improve email deliverability. Email marketing can be your most successful online activity. We’re in the age of email accessibility at the drop of a dime. Smart phones are everywhere and the tablet market is booming with email readers.


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