Email Newsletter Templates that Maximize Revenue

Discover the value of using email newsletter templates to create single-topic email newsletters in which every component is aligned around the same theme.

Maximize revenue by using email newsletter templates to help focus on a single topic.

We’ve discovered a Mequoda Best Practice that maximizes email newsletter revenue by design.

When we start an issue of Mequoda Daily (our own email newsletter), we decide what product we’re featuring and promoting before we write a single word.

At this time of year, that means calling attention to the Mequoda Summit, which is our top-of-the-media-pyramid, twice-a-year, live event.

At the Mequoda Summit Boston, we’ll have an instructional session on email marketing best practices, and so that’s the topic of this email newsletter, as well a specific feature of the Mequoda Summit that we’ll dive into.

For instance, we’ve discovered that the best performing email newsletters — those with the highest value, as measured by producing the highest revenue per thousand — reflect a total alignment between the subject line, headline, subhead, body copy, embedded text ads, display ads, and the featured product.

This is true whether the newsletter is sponsored by an advertiser who buys your leader board, or whether the newsletter promotes your own products. Most Mequoda System Publishers use their free email newsletters to promote their own paid products.

Hybrid newsletter template: sponsor + product in top right navigation

We believe in single-topic email newsletters in which every component is aligned around the same theme.

When reading an email newsletter, the reader responds most favorably to both text ads and displays ads when there is contextual alignment with the topic under discussion.

A best practice email is wholly contextual. There is agreement between the subject line, headline, subhead, body copy, and the featured product ads. All the core elements are aligned around the same topic.

This congruency is comforting and harmonizing. It appears to have a subliminal effect on readers.

The curiosity that was stimulated by the email subject line, which prompted the user to open your email newsletter, should be amplified by the inside headline and sub-headline, then satisfied by the text. The contextual text ads provide an opportunity for the reader to take the next step by visiting your website and buying your product.

All these elements augur well for a satisfying, information-laden transaction that seamlessly guides the user up your product pyramid to a paid product or service.

Our testing indicates that Mequoda Daily generates maximum revenue when it is a dead-on broadside. Your email newsletter should perform this effectively, as well.

By using a best practice email newsletter template, you’ll be prompted to use all the vital email newsletter elements:

  • subject line
  • main headline
  • secondary or sub-headline
  • five or more paragraphs of text
  • two embedded text ads
  • and two display ads.

Ideally, the text ads and display ads all promote the same product. Each has hypertext links to either a sales letter landing page or an order form.

The headline, sub-heads, and buttons on the sales letter landing page also should be contextually aligned to create a congruent, front-to-back user experience. It begins when the user reads the subject line of the email newsletter, and ends when she clicks the ”Submit Payment” button at the end of the order flow.

This is a complex, online transaction, which requires careful attention to detail in order to succeed. From subject line to payment, there can be as many as 25 individual steps for the user to follow to complete the process. That also means there are as many as 25 places where the user can exit the process with buying.

But with a well-crafted email newsletter that’s modeled on the Mequoda Best Practice Email Newsletter Template, you can expect more users to complete the process, resulting in maximum revenue. To learn more about this template, read 10 Email Newsletter Design Best Practices.

Also, be sure to attend the Mequoda Summit Boston for additional details on this and dozens of other Mequoda Best Practices.


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