Email is Still the Top Method for Marketing Communications

Statistics on email usage for mobile and social media users

Last week we discussed comScore’s “2010 US Digital Year in Review” and its findings on email usage.

To continue on this topic, here are some additional statistics showing the importance and relevance email has as a communications channel.

The marketing agency Merkle reported that 87% of Internet users accessed their personal email accounts daily in 2010. This number has not changed much since 2007. For those with a commercial email address, 60% checked that daily.

Additionally, eMarketer reports that social media users are more likely to check their personal email four or more times each day.


When it comes to mobile users:

-32% check their email 1-3 times daily.

-31% check their email 4 or more times daily.

-26% check their email once per week or less.

-11% check their email 2-6 times per week.

For Internet marketers and online publishers, it’s important to note that across all age groups, email remained the preferred choice for receiving commercial communications.

Email is a social medium, and although other social mediums have come along, its staying power appears to still be strong.

For more on this, take a look at this recent article from eMarketer.


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