Five Common Search Engine Optimization Mistakes

An easy fix for the top five SEO mistakes

These innocent mistakes may be costing you the highest price of all – better search engine ranking. If you want to move up the ranks, double check these five points:

Search Engine Optimization Tip #1 – Think like your customer. Search for keywords and phrases your customers use, not just industry terms. For example, we use the phrase “rapid conversion landing page” or “RCLP”, but our customers may use squeeze page, email capture page or lead capture page. It would be foolish on our part to not include those keywords as well.

Search Engine Optimization Tip #2 – Plural or singular. Don’t overlook using both of them. They are different, each with their own search volume.

Search Engine Optimization Tip #3 – Brainstorming. With Google Instant in place this is even easier. Start typing to see what it suggests or type one complete word to view a variety of related phrases. Also, try using a keyword analyzer like,,, or for even more suggestions.

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Search Engine Optimization Tip #4 – Too much internal linking. You’ll lose points for excessive internal linking. A best practice is to list a few, 5 or less, related articles and the end of each article page.

Search Engine Optimization Tip #5 – Lose the long paragraphs of SEO copy at the bottom of your landing page. I’m not referring to your tag cloud or tag page, one page full of all your keywords and links to content containing it. I’m referring to the embedded keyword-rich text links at the very bottom of the page. If your content is already keyword-rich, you don’t need to overdue it by being obvious.

Of course there are many more mistakes we commonly see among online publishers, but we’ll save those for another day. What’s you’re SEO pet peeve? Share your thoughts below…


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