Getting Social to Improve Search Rankings

Two ways to increase your SEO power away from your website

SEO is such a small acronym with such large potential. And in today’s digital landscape, SEO isn’t just about using keywords on your website. There are additional ways to optimize your content that leads to better ranks in Google. Let’s take a look at some of these strategies now.

Social media SEO: Last year, Google started factoring social media relevance into its algorithm. Since high-quality content is Google’s focus, it can be assumed that the more social engagement content gets, the higher the quality. In addition to Twitter tweets and Facebook posts that target your keyword phrases, there are multiple content attributions that Google pays attention to: the amount of times an article is shared, the amount of comments on an article, the amount of “likes” an article receives, and the amount of tweets an article gets.

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Optimized news releases: Targeting keyword phrases associated with free products and promoting through press release distribution can kick-up your SEO standings. I recently did this to promote the changing of the free report Website Homepage Ideas. In addition to having an aligned article page ranking for the term “website homepage ideas” on page one, the press release distributed at is also ranking on page one. I expected that after 10-14 days, the press release will be replaced by the free report’s rapid conversion landing page. This is a common scenario I’ve seen happen in the past.

Do you have any other suggestions for improving your SEO away from your website? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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