Going beyond Email Marketing Best Practices

Email marketing best practices are subject to change

Email marketing can be exceptionally powerful for an organization. However, it can also be difficult to develop a strategy that works with your audience.

Email marketing is not like all other forms of digital marketing because its success depends on many different factors. Some email marketing best practices that a company has defined internally may only work for their audience or industry. For instance, email marketing best practices that create sales in the B2C world may not work for B2B organizations, and vice versa.

The reality of email marketing best practices that is that marketing managers need to tailor what works to their organization.  It also means that the set of best practices they develop will constantly change, and consistent testing is required for the greatest success.


Although email marketing best practices and strategies will differ, there are a few tips that stay consistent for email marketers:

– Email marketing is a trusted form of communication.

– Most adults in the US habitually use email on a daily basis.

– New email subscribers will be more engaged with your content than your older subscribers.

– Adding upsells into email newsletters helps develop knowledge on aligned premium products while increasing ROI potential.

– Monitor the metrics associated with your email campaigns to define strategies that resonate with your audience.

Do you have any email marketing best practices that you swear by? Please share your tips with the community.


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