How Effective Are Your Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are conducted for a variety of reasons.

Some digital publishers use email campaigns to further relationships with converted audience members. Others attempt to turn subscribers into buyers by selling them products or services that align with their interests.

Regardless of the intent, it’s important to monitor your email activities. Do you have a good open rate and click-through rate? The term “good” depends on your market and the type of company you operate, but you should be at least watching to see how the numbers do month after month. You’d like to see an increase, but staying consist is certainly better than experiencing negative numbers.

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One way you can track email statistics, if you operate a WordPress website, is with the Mequoda Email Source Report. This plug-in create an Email performance report, which provides information on revenue per thousand emails sent for each campaign id. The data for the campaigns includes opens, clicks, number of emails sent, revenue, and revenue per thousand emails sent.

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