How Print Magazines are Utilizing Social Media

7 ways to increase engagement

Using social media to build relationships has been a strategy many print publishers have adopted.

As digital content becomes more popular, bridging the gap between print and digital is imperative for magazines. Not doing so may result in a loss of audience members.

A recent Mashable article discusses 7 ways print magazines are utilizing social media. They include:

  • Curating Content: Sharing content from other industry sources can show how you care about community education.
  • Expanding Editorial Content: Get ideas for future content from social media feedback.
  • Offering Expertise in Real Time: Creating real time chats with knowledgeable staff helps build engagement.
  • Catalyzing Connections: Developing connections between individuals with similar interests can help conversations surrounding your brand continue on and off line.
  • Leveraging Influence: Niche publications can position themselves as primary sources for the topics they cover.
  • Extending the Editorial Experience: Online content can be enhanced through an array of options, from photos and video to surveys and interactive experiences.
  • Monetizing Social Media: Sponsored tweets and Facebook messages are just two of the ways social media can be monetized. What other ways are you using?

Print magazines and social media do work well together. Taking a static print product and incorporating online interaction will continue to show value in the relationship.

For Mashable’s commentary on the 7 ways print magazines are utilizing social media, take a look at their article.


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