How to Produce High-Quality Videos Effectively

Our Web Video 101 for Publishers webinar is what every content producer, publisher and marketer needs to attend to understand how to utilize the power of video

In yesterday’s Mequoda Daily, we discussed some of the gear people are using to create high-quality video content. The best thing about this equipment is that most of it is very affordable. These days, you can get a video camera for under $100, something that was unheard of 10 years ago.

Technology is a major reason the popularity and prevalence of video content has escalated as much as it has.

In addition to independent video cameras, smart phones can be used to effectively record video content.

Patrick Hughes, New Media Producer at Mequoda Group recently told me about the process for recording high-quality video content on my iPhone. Here are the tips he gave me:

-For recording with an iPhone 4, an OWLE Bubo is a great product to incorporate into the mix. The OWLE Bubo is a sturdy aluminum camera mount for steadying your iPhone while recording.

-The OWLE Bubo comes equipped with a 37mm macro lens and allows for other additions for recording, like lights, tripods or other lenses.

-Record on your iPhone 4 in Airplane Mode.

iRip, for Mac and PC, is software that allows you to transfer video content from your iPhone to your computer.

-A Glif Mount is a “small, simple and elegant” tripod mount and stand for the iPhone 4. This device will help you capture clear video content.

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Patrick has a wealth of knowledge on producing video and using the content for marketing needs.

As an introduction to Patrick’s approach to sharing content, take a look at these video articles he produced for the Mequoda Daily using ScreenFlow and a Yeti USB microphone from Blue.

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Web Video 101 for Publishers – Producing, Publishing and Marketing Your Online Videos

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-How to record video content with an iPhone.

-Equipment options for recording and editing video content.

This live webinar is for anyone that sees the value in online video content. From editors and marketers to managers and CEOs, the information packed into this program will help anyone step up their content creation and distribution by bringing it to life with the power of video. Register now.


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