How to Write and SEO Digital Book or Report Titles

Guidelines and Examples of Blockbuster SEO Copywriting for Digital Books and Reports

The best practices in writing the title of a report or white paper require the copywriter to focus on two primary objectives.

1. Use the targeted keywords to optimize for organic search the report title and any rapid conversion landing pages (RCLPs) or sales letter landing pages (SLLPs) that promote the report.

Ideally, the primary keyword phrases should appear before the colon, with the secondary keyword(s) appearing after the colon as part of the description or promise.

2. Describe the content of the report such that it makes (and satisfies) a promise to the reader.

The objective is to write a title that reads well while using the target SEO keyword phrases. This can be challenging when the keyword phrases don’t want to cooperate!

Whether your strategy is to intrigue (tease or fascinate), emphasize benefits, or otherwise confront the reader, the title should always describe an explicit or implicit promise that reading the report will fulfill.

Whether a freemium or a premium product, the best practice is to use the primary keyword before the colon, and one or two other keywords following the colon in the title.

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3. Of lesser importance, but useful, is to identify the sponsor, publisher or brand.

You don’t want confuse your readers, so I recommend not putting your name in the report title as it does not help with search engine optimization.

However, you can use your brand in the deck (dek) or kicker (subhead) of your SLLP or RCLP.


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How to Write and SEO Digital Book or Report Titles: Guidelines and Examples of Blockbuster SEO Copywriting for Digital Books and Reports

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