If Your Target Audience Includes College Students…

You should be offering content via mobile devices

Do you know the best ways of reaching your core audience? Do you know how they consume your content the most?

If your target audience includes undergraduate college students, then new research can show you how to connect with them.

According to an eMarketer article that discussed findings from the “ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology” by Shannon D. Smith and Judith Borreson Caruso for the EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research, college students are using smartphones, tablets and mobile game consoles more than other age groups.

According to the research, 62.7% of the US graduates surveyed owned some form of an Internet-capable device. This is an increase of more than 11 percent between 2009 and spring 2010.

Additional growth is expected in this market of mobile devices as the cost to benefit ration improves.

Are you marketing to college students via mobile devices? If so, how has the response been? This demographic isn’t also the most accepting of advertising, especially when it’s shown on their mobile devices. I’d be interested to know about your findings.

And for more on these statistics, check out eMarketer’s article.

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