Increasing Email Newsletter Click–Through Rate

5 Tips for Writing & Formatting Email Newsletter Teasers

Which email newsletters do you read on a regular basis?

Like many of you, I subscribe to multiple email newsletters; some for business reasons and others for personal interests.

However, over time, I find myself focusing the majority of attention on newsletters that have a lot of content that is interesting, while be aesthetically pleasing and easy to maneuver.

While going through the email newsletters I find interesting and inspiration, I’ve collected five tips for writing and formatting email newsletters. These tips are specifics on what gets me to read through the newsletter.

#1: Snippet – Many have adopted the snippet style email newsletter, including Search Engine Watch. This style relies on a headline and 30-50 words of copy to entice readers to click further. In this format you have the opportunity to include multiple stories and still have the overall length of the email newsletter a fraction of a full, single article.

#2: Copy – The copy in the snippet style is designed to present an interesting lead so readers will want to click through to the full story, learn more about an aligned event or product, or send the user directly to a free downloadable product.

#3: Multiple Links – The image below is an example from our snippet style email newsletter. In the Free Download section, there are multiple links to help the user get more information, download the product more efficiently or leave a comment on the rapid conversion landing page, in case the user already downloaded it.

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#4: Placement – To create an email newsletter that is easy to read, place all articles vertical to avoid confusion between articles right next to one another.

#5: Featured content up front – Always lead off with newsworthy content that provides value to your customers. I like to refer to this as the Featured News section. This is especially important to do if the other articles in your email newsletter are product or service based. The reason why readers subscribe to your content is to learn something; it’s not to only get sales pitches in their inbox. The best mutually beneficial email newsletters combine great editorial content with relevant, aligned products or services.

I refer to this as “the best” because it adequately addresses the needs of both audience members and publishers.


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