Last Chance! Show Us What You’ve Got in Our Email Subject Line Smackdown!

Last chance to register for our Email Subject Line Smackdown, where YOU get to submit your subject lines to 3 of America’s top copywriters and let them re-write them for you!

If you’re an email newsletter publisher or marketer, you have four tasks: You need to get your offer delivered, opened, read and converted.

You know that defeating email subject line spam filters is easy. Simply avoid using about three dozen phrases that are flagged by most email subject line spam filters. But getting your email opened and read — well, that’s a bigger challenge.

Don’t miss the chance to submit your subject lines to expert copywriters Peter Fogel, Peter Schaible and Mark Johnson in our Email Subject Line Smackdown where you will learn:

  • The 17 best subject line formulas for getting your emails opened
  • How to create an Email Performance Report that tracks mailing dates, subject line archetypes, subject lines used, and open rates
  • How to interpret the patterns. Do the poorest performers indicate an archetype that doesn’t work for your audience?
  • Which subject lines perform best for your products and services


This webinar is sure to bring you new email marketing ideas and strategies for getting your emails opened and selling more products or advertising. We encourage your participation! Please register now.


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