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Do you want to be the best blogger in your field?

Are you afraid your blogging abilities are ineffective?

If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, we can help you discover three main blogging types with 28 actionable blogging sources that will transform you into the most efficient, attention-grabbing blogger you can be.

Blogging for Editors focuses on the three main blog types: SEO Blog Posts, Email Blog Posts and Buzz Posts.

When combined, these main blog types create an all-encompassing editorial calendar that helps attract and retain an audience while effectively selling aligned products and sponsorships.

Download a FREE copy of Best Email Subject Lines for Selling Premium Subscriptions and Memberships and discover an extensive list of email subject line frameworks that are consistently proven to sell and boost revenue for publishers.

Some of the blogging sources that will be covered during this 90-minute presentation include:

-Magazines: Article Post, Article Review, Issue Review and Issue Excerpt
-Books: Chapter Post, Chapter Excerpt, Book Review, Book Excerpt and Author Interview
-Live Events: Event Review, Event Transcript and Event Commentary
-Media Websites: Link Review, News & Commentary and Link Roundup
-Videos: Video Post, Video Transcript
-Podcasts: Podcast Review, Podcast Transcript
-Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter and Forum Roundup
-Oringinal Thinking: Keyword Inspiration, Personal Story and Best Practice Review

Blogging for Editors is for you if:

You’re a traditional editor trying to grasp modern editorial strategies…

You believe your content deserves more eyeballs…

You need to sell more products to stay competitive in your industry…

The value behind professional blogging strategies is on the rise. Online publishers are expecting more content from their writers on a consistent basis. To meet these needs, bloggers need to write often, plan according and have a checklist of successful blogging tips on their desk. This helps even the best writers blog with a focus that will help their company build audience and brand recognition.

For those struggling with best practices for modern blogging, don’t get left behind by the changing times. Blogging has become a core competency of online editors. Understanding the main blog types and working with 28 blogging sources will help you master the craft while leaving you with job security for the future.

If you want to discover the secret for writing better blogs faster, join us for Blogging for Editors on Tuesday, February 22nd at 12:30 pm ET.


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