Learning Email Marketing on Your Terms

Live events, webinars, and white papers provide email marketing insight

Live events are a major way publishers generate revenue and build an audience. There is no higher level of interaction than speaking to your audience face to face. And attendees of live events realize that. People will attend events if they are dedicated to the subject matter, believe they will have the right experience with the speakers, and are comfortable with the price.

However, not everyone can attend your live events, even if they are truly dedicated to your mission. Time constraints and travel requirements may stand in the way for many attendees. These audience members still expect meaningful experiences with your brand.

In terms of content, videos and webinars reside right below live events. They incorporate audio and visual components, and typically offer an interactive aspect.

White papers and informative articles come next, and serve as audience development building blocks. Users often start by reading articles and white papers, and move up to premium, interactive products depending on their interest.

As an example, here are links to a live event, webinar, and free white paper all on the topic of email marketing.

Live event: Mequoda Summit West 2012

Webinar: Building Email Circulation

White Paper: Email Copywriting Basics

By offering multiple platforms and price points, digital publishers cater to the level of devotion their audience members have.


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