Learning From Your Magazine Subscribers

Learning From Your Magazine Subscribers

Via minOnline

Some publishers think that getting the most magazine subscribers is the end game.

After reading Michelle Manafy’s article on minOnline, you may rethink that. Manafy discusses how a subscription model is a starting point for publishers. Innovative publishers experiment and learn from their subscribers.

Manafy writes, “For FT.com, engagement insight was critical to success and a driving force behind the company’s Fast FTnews product. While the creation of a near-real time news culture marked a shift for the Financial Times, Grimshaw says it has paid off with those visiting Fast FT spending 10 or more minutes on the site. Harvard Business Review now offers “All Access” as its primary subscription offer. Readers can access the current issue in print, online and via iPads, as well as more than 50 years of archived articles.” You can read the rest of her article on minOnline.



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