Make Social Media Work for You

Do you know how much attention an active, engaging social media strategy deserves? The numbers suggested by social media specialists may surprise you…

However, the associated time, when assigned by people who the work firsthand, can lead to a major presence on social media; which we all know is extremely popular with a wide variety of people and can lead to large amounts of website traffic.

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If you were to ask our Social Media Specialist Amanda MacArthur about a comprehensive social media strategy, she’d tell you that 18 hours per week is quite sufficient.

Do you know how you and your staff can spend 18 hours per week on social media effectively? Do you need a one-on-one tutorial on Facebook or Twitter? Mequoda Group now offers master class programs on both Facebook and Twitter. Each program offers 12 sections and is done through WebEx. If you have interest in taking any of our one-on-one Mequoda Master Class programs, please contact Kim Mateus via email or by phone at 401-293-0401 for more information.


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