Master the “Targeted” Email Subject Line

Use targeted subject lines when you want to maximize email conversion rates

When writing a Targeted email subject line, the goal is to be as direct as possible to identify your intended audience.

There are pro’s and con’s to this type of email subject line. If you are deploying email campaigns to very targeted lists, this method will work very well for you. For example, if you are segmenting your email lists by geographic location, this subject line might work very well:

  • Attention Bostonians Who Need to Lose Weight

However, if your lists are segmented by health issues (for example, weight loss) and are using this subject line to promote a clinic or workshop in the Boston area, this isn’t ideal.

Why? Because saying “Bostonians” tells your readers that this email doesn’t apply to them if they aren’t from Boston.

Other examples of Targeted email subject lines:

  • For Investors Who Hate Paying Commissions
  • Are You a Sales Pro Who Wants to Close More Deals?

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Variations include:

  • What Every Investor Must Know about IBM
  • To the Road Warrior Who Hates to Travel
  • For Mature Women Only
  • Confidential to Corvette Owners

Be forwarned, the Targeted email subject line will have less clicks but a higher conversion rate. When you are looking to get more clicks, you would want to use a more broad subject line (take a look at our 13 Best Email Subject Lines) and use more Targeted subject lines when you want higher conversions.

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