Mequoda Email Source Report

Collecting data from your email marketing campaigns allows you to determine which activities are the most beneficial to the health of your online business.

Smart online publishers use this data to plan their future email calendar, focusing on products and topics that generate the most website traffic and audience interaction while generating revenue.

For Mequoda Gold Members, we’ve developed a WordPress plug-in that collects this information for them.

The Email Performance Report Plug-in provides data on email campaigns including revenue per thousand emails sent for each campaign ID. All publishers will recognize this data as being crucial in monitoring the health of their online business.

The Email Performance Report Plug-in also reveals pertinent data by campaign on opens, clicks, the number of emails sent and revenue.

For more information on the Email Performance Report Plug-in, and an array of other premium WordPress plug-ins only offered to Mequoda Gold Members, contact Kim Mateus via email or phone at 401-293-0401 for more information.

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