Natural Elements of White Hat SEO

Using natural, white hat SEO for audience development

The word “natural” should be synonymous with white hat SEO. Natural writing and natural linking building are parts of this very in-depth language of optimization. And it’s these two components that help with audience development efforts. They also help satisfy requirements put forth by Google.

What do you consider natural SEO? Let’s take a look at a couple suggestions.

First, natural writing is a component of white hat SEO. Helping your audience in some manner should be the goal of natural writing. It includes proper spelling, grammar, and has an ordered flow. For natural writing that focuses on informing, it should cite as many external sources as needed.

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Next, there is link building. Links are designed to help users find other information they are interested in, and it’s supposed to be done easily. This means that links point to accurate, relevant content. As mentioned above, utilizing multiple links and sources is a reputable action, because it shows you are focusing on a breadth of knowledge outside of your own content.

Oppositely, let’s look at some black hat SEO techniques that should be avoided.

First, when it comes to content, some black hat SEOs will incorporate keywords in metadata that are hidden to readers. This is a form of keyword stuffing that can result in penalties.

Next, linking too much within your own domain, or across the multiple websites you own, could be penalized as well. There needs to be a balance within the links on your website, so that multiple sources are credited.

Failing to focus on natural white hat SEO and going to the dark side of optimization has led to harsh repercussions like significant drops in traffic. Do not get caught with the wrong strategies in place or you will be scrambling to fix your mistakes. Join us on Thursday, June 28 for our Playing Nice with Google Penguin webinar where you will learn seven strategies for accepted white hat SEO.


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