Offer a Variety of Email Newsletters

Multiple email newsletters can improve retention rates

One of the four principles of Mequoda is being email centric. It’s really about being subscriber-centric rather than just being defined by email. If you create an online community where subscribers feel safe and comfortable — where they can enjoy the quality of information, instruction, encouragement or other nurturing that your email newsletter provides — your popularity will soar. And so will your sales. Newsletter Newsletter - Children's Health Category

A good example of personalized email newsletters comes from Everyday Health is a leading online publisher of self-help and personal-growth websites and newsletters.

Talk about variety, they offer over 50 separate email newsletter categories and you can select ‘subscribe’ or ‘unsubscribe’ to each one individually. They tell you exactly how often each one publishes – daily, 2x per week, weekly or monthly.

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They offer free, robust online content. According to Yahoo Site Explorer, they have over 410,180 pages. We can see by the large number of keywords they target that their content is properly optimized for search engines. reports 93,408 organic keywords plus 226,985 PPC keywords. Combine that with 343,463 ads and you get over 5 million unique visitors a month, according to, which tracks only US traffic.

Always room for improvement

There is one thing I would like to see changed to improve retention. I accidentally clicked the unsubscribe link, which is at the top of every email newsletter. I was quickly taken back to the page that lists all of their individual email newsletters. Good. The red text at the top of screen informed me I had just unsubscribed from ALL of their email newsletters. Bad.

I would rather have seen an option to select which email newsletters I wanted to unsubscribe from or even a opt out confirmation, but no, I was already unsubscribed from everything and had to reread and reselect each email newsletter again. I will be more careful about where I click next time. 🙂


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