Other Types of Words To Pair With SEO Copywriting Strategies

Bringing visitors to your website is just the beginning…

SEO copywriting has been a popular topic for us as of late. This is so because of two main reasons: our upcoming SEO Copywriting Workshop webinar and the fact that SEO copywriting is a necessity if you’re engaged in organic search engine marketing.

With all of the information we have given on the subject, I will assume you have some of the basics down. If not, you can always brush up on the SEO Copywriting information we have displayed in the past through the Mequoda Daily.

This post however isn’t strictly about the topic of SEO copywriting. Instead, it discusses how to make the content you optimize even stronger with the addition of two main components: trigger words and customer benefits.

Trigger Words

Luring your audience to your website may be the work of good SEO copywriting, but getting them there isn’t the last step in the equation for most publishers. In most cases, publishers look to attract website traffic in order to sell a product, build an email list or further develop a brand.

Like many editors, I am constantly looking to build my email list in order to communicate with a larger audience. To do so, it’s necessary to capitalize on the traffic that comes to my website.

Successful publishers typically use OFIES, Floaters or Squeeze Pages to capture the contact information from consenting visitors. But what happens when a visitor decides to close out the Floater and ignore the OFIE?

This is where trigger words come in to play. Trigger words are words that motivate people to act on something. There are a variety of trigger words, but the strongest tend to make an emotional connection with the reader.

This emotional connection brings me to the other component of customer benefits.

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Customer Benefits

People buy products or services that benefit their lives, or the lives of their loved ones.

For instance, let’s say a married couple hires a landscaper to do some work around their yard. Why do you think they do this? It’s most likely to enhance the quality of their yard, to give them something more beautiful to look at in the morning, and maybe even to have something on display for everyone to marvel at as they pass by.

Is it necessary to have a beautiful lawn? No, of course not. However, it was an act that made the couple happy.

Trigger words and customer benefits work in this same manner. The trigger words will be used to motivate the viewer in some manner, while the goal behind those words should appeal to their emotions if you want to be successful.

The landscaper may have had an advertisement along the lines of “Seize the essence of the spring and hire one of our landscape specialists to make your lawn into the beautiful sanctuary you deserve.”

In that example the ad strikes a sense of urgency by using “seize” and the time of the season. It also mentions what the outcome will be for the couple. They will be left with “a beautiful sanctuary” that they are deserving of. It plays to the emotions and paints a desirable picture to those who were busy searching for the right landscaper.

Strong SEO Copywriting will attract customers to your website. At that point you can trigger them to act by appealing to their emotions. For more on successful SEO copywriting, be sure to register now for our SEO Copywriting Workshop webinar while it’s fresh on your mind…


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