Our Twitter for Publishers Webinar is Tomorrow!

Build out a new social media strategy with Twitter

Our Twitter for Publishers webinar skips the preaching and goes straight to the teaching!

I’ve attended quite a few webinars lately—gathering information and feedback—to decide what is valuable in a webinar about Twitter.

I’ll be honest, tomorrow we’re presenting Twitter for Publishers in a fashion unlike other Twitter webinars I’ve attended. We’re skipping the hogwash that wastes time convincing you how many people are on Twitter and why you should start using it.

That’s boring.

We know Twitter is huge. Next slide please.

Instead, we’re substituting boring bar charts and quotes with real case studies and best practices that you can start applying right away.

We have three guest speakers for this 90 minute webinar, Brian Dresher of USAToday.com, Shirley Brady of BusinessWeek and Kathy McCabe of the Dream of Italy newsletter.

They’re not “internet marketing experts” or “social media strategists”. They are the key people who lead the social meda efforts in their publishing companies. They’re not the say-ers they’re the do-ers.

Because of this, when I invited these folks to join us for Twitter for Publishers, I wanted to make sure that they’d be answering your questions about how they manage their own Twitter campaigns and discussions.

Through Twitter, I quizzed our readers on what questions they would want answered in a webinar about Twitter.

These are the most popular questions that our “Tweeple” asked, and that our guest speakers will try to answer in their presentations:

  • What are you using Twitter for? Customer service? Marketing? Content distribution? All of the above?
  • How often do you update? What types of tweets do you send?
  • Has Twitter been a source of new revenue for you?
  • Do you have any examples where Twitter has proven itself as a legitimate marketing channel?
  • Give an example of a unique way you’ve used Twitter to drive traffic, sales, etc.
  • What are your strategies for getting new followers on Twitter? Have you done any contests?
  • Have you used Twitter for/at events?
  • What metrics do you track? Do you use any online tools?

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Not only did I use Twitter to ask our audience what they were looking for in a webinar about Twitter, but I also used Search.Twitter.com to write our salesletter landing page for the event.

Want to know how? Register for Twitter for Publishers.

I should also mention that I met Shirley Brady of BusinessWeek on Twitter, who I very likely may never have met otherwise.

Want to know how you too can make new business contacts and marketing partners? Register for Twitter for Publishers.

If you’d like to discover how USA Today, BusinessWeek and Dream of Italy have used Twitter to generate traffic, leads and a new customer service platform, attend Twitter for Publishers TOMORROW at 12:30 Eastern.

We’ll also be presenting case studies of our own and consolidating a list of Twitter best practices that you can use in your own Twitter campaign.

Register for Twitter for Publishers now.

But wait, there’s more…

Bonus: Since this webinar will be jam-packed with information, I want to make sure that those who haven’t even set up a Twitter account will be prepared to start right away.

Therefore, I’ve concocted a “cheat sheet” that all registrants will receive, showing you the basic elements of Twitter, including how to use Twitter, Twitter lingo, and a list of tools that make using Twitter easy.

Plus, we’ll have Q&A at the end of the webinar for any questions you have and you can also follow up with me via Twitter or email.

If that’s not enough, you’ll also receive a copy of the presentation to refer back to once the event is over. If you’d like a copy of the webinar (or you can’t attend tomorrow at 12:30 Eastern) we also have the option to buy it on CD.

Register for Twitter for Publishers now (or get the CD).

When Twitter for Publishers is over, you’ll:

  • have new ideas for promoting products and content on Twitter,
  • know the tools you can use to start measuring your Twitter growth and success,
  • be able to pinpoint the person who is fit for the job of maintaining your Twitter account,
  • be prepared with the background and examples to know “how to tweet”, and
  • be ready to incorporate Twitter into your overall online strategy.

You won’t be disappointed. If you have questions that you want addressed on this webinar, send us a tweet at @mequoda or send me an email at Amanda@Mequoda.com.

Register for Twitter for Publishers today!

I look forward to “talking Twitter” with you tomorrow!


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