Reach New Audiences with SEO Press Release Guidelines

Target your keywords, inform audiences and do so in style

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The press release will never be the same.

The Internet has transformed the old method of creating press releases. Online publishers or content marketers are able to add  modern, media-rich styles to their releases to garner greater attention.

Modern press releases can now include links to your website (we typically link to free downloads with conversion architecture), video, images, and social media buttons.

This has made modern press releases interactive, informative and engaging – three components necessary for strong content.

Beyond these new options, press releases can be optimized for search engines. These SEO press releases can help your newsworthy content get picked up by Google and added in either the “News” or “Web” section. If the keywords you are focusing on in your press release are popular ones, this could mean thousands of new impressions for your content and brand.

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After creating your online press releases, you can distribute them through free distribution websites or paid ones. There is a variety to choose from on the Internet, and trying at least all of the free distribution sites once is worth it.

We recommend this because all content is different. Some distribution sites may cater to specific audiences more than others. So since it’s free, try them all at least once.

Additionally, we suggest posting your press releases on your website. On the Mequoda Daily, our press releases don’t publish to our homepage, but they do go up on our “About” section. Housing the content there allows us to send out Tweets promoting the content.

If you are looking for even greater distribution, some paid sites offer large distribution to hundreds of websites, including bloggers, news outlets and search engines.

For a list of free and paid distribution sites in addition to a wealth of knowledge pertaining to online press release creation, download our SEO Press Release Guidelines free report.


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