Scheduling is Key While Boosting Traffic with Twitter

Online editors and audience development professionals don’t just work the standard 9-5. Deadlines and new projects pop up and audience members make comments at random hours. Due to these elements, our jobs may take on sporadic duties.

And since we are in the business of providing timely, informative content, the frequency in publishing is important. If you publish too infrequently, your audience may look to competitors for constant information. It’s like reading or watching the news each day – people do it to stay informed about the most recent things relevant to their lives.

We recommend digital publishers publish content daily to keep your audience updated, and to keep your brand at top of mind recognition with your audience.

This may be difficult for some publishers. They may not feel they have the content to do so, or that they are understaffed. Others may not want to work on weekends, although this may be a crucial time for their audience members.

Since Twitter has become synonymous with publishing, there is a way to stay active with your Twitter publishing while alleviating the need to be constantly working.


Scheduling tweets

We’ve seen a boost in website traffic by sending tweets on weekends. This wasn’t always our strategy, but it has led to thousands of new visitors each month.

Our process utilizes HootSuite, which allows for the scheduling of tweets, even with the free version of the tool. Recently I’ve been tweeting articles discussing audience development strategies on the weekend, which shared valuable tips and adds some extra promotion to our new free report: Organic Audience Development Strategy.

There is a lot of power to unlock with Twitter. It can be used to drive traffic and facilitate conversations, while establishing yourself as an expert in your respective field. For a deep dive on how to use Twitter to its full potential, join us at the Digital Publishing Bootcamp in New York City this July.


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