SEO Campaign Management: 5 Ways to Promote Your Freemiums

If you build and promote it, they will come

Creating and updating your freemiums should be a goal for 2011.

Information changes, strategies get updated and your keywords may not be as relevant as they were a year ago, or even six months ago.

This is why it’s so important to execute SEO campaigns on a regular basis. This way, you can target the most relevant keyword phrases while offering your audience the best information on the topics.

Prior to promoting the freemium…

To begin the process, focus on one of your freemiums. Look at your keyword reports to find the keyword phrases with high volume, low competition and high relevancy.

With all the competition found throughout the Internet landscape for online business models, the Keyword Competitive Index, (KCI) may be a bit lower than you’ve seen before. Don’t be discouraged about this; hard work and good targeting may help you rank well on the term.

After your keyword research is reviewed and your freemium is developed with the primary keywords in the title and subtitle of the report, you can focus on writing and designing your Rapid Conversion Landing Page (RCLP). This process was discussed last week in the Mequoda Daily. The article showed the focal components of an RCLP that, when properly executed upon, will help your content achieve better results within search engines.


Promoting your freemium

After your freemium is created and the webpage for your RCLP has gone live, it’s time to begin promoting your freemium.

Regardless of the type of freemiums you create, this process will help you get the most out of your free content while building your email marketing lists, creating more brand awareness and spreading the knowledge your company has on the topics most important to your audience.

Use the following five methods for SEO campaign management while promoting your freemiums and see results very quickly.

#1 – Web Post: Create a web post promoting for the freemium. Add in-line text advertisements so that audience members can easily follow the link to the download page for the freemium.

#2 – Email Newsletter: The web post mentioned above can also be turned into an email that is sent to your editorial or promotional email marketing list. If you go this route, be sure to add a sentence at the bottom of the email that lets your audience know it’s OK for them to forward the email to their friends or colleagues. Referrals are always a successful way of gaining new subscribers.

#3 – Press Release: Create a search engine optimized press release promoting your new freemium. After doing so, use free and/or paid press release distribution websites to spread your release. You may also opt into using social bookmarking websites like Digg or StumbleUpon. If your press release is optimized well, it may even get picked up in the News section of popular search engines. You should also add all of your press releases to your website in order to build upon the number of web pages on your website and the amount of keywords you house.

#4 – Social Media: After publishing your webpost and the press release to your website, tweet the headline to your Twitter followers and include a post to your Facebook community. Ask them for retweets when applicable. You may also want to include a list of all your freemiums in your LinkedIn profile.

#5 – Web Promotion: There are multiple ways of promoting your freemiums on your website. A floater can appear when audience members enter your website or the specific category page. You should also include in-line texts ads within all of the related posts. For instance, if your new freemium is the Content Marketing Strategy 2011: The Seven Principles of Online Content Marketing in the Digital Age, an in-line text ad for that free product should show up in all of the Content Marketing posts.

Do you have all of the components of SEO Campaign Management under your belt? If you need a refresher course on SEO campaign management, join us tomorrow for our SEO Campaign Management 2011 webinar.


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