SEO Campaign Management: Where to Get Ideas for Free Reports

Where do great ideas for free reports come from?

Creating free digital white papers, special reports or handbooks is an essential part of successful SEO campaign management. It’s a fact, freemiums drive website traffic and boost search engine rankings. These products are beneficial to any online publisher because they have no production costs and no inventory needed.

Anything that you can do to help determine what your readers are interested in will suggest a free report topic.

Ideas for your next free report:

  • Research audience interest and keywords using the Google Keyword Tool. Some of these keywords may not be exactly trending. They could just be very overlooked, low competition keywords that are worthy of your attention.
  • Review the most frequently asked questions posted to your online forum. This is probably the best way to determine the true interests of your readers.
  • Determine which of your paid products are the best sellers.
  • Examine your magazine cover stories to determine which have the best sell-through.
  • Review your direct mail results to determine which teaser lines created the most sales.
  • Review the subject lines of your most successful email marketing campaigns to determine which create the highest open rates.
  • Determine which sessions at your live events are the most popular.
  • Listen to the members of your own website, either in your blogs or forums, ask for suggestions that relate to the products and services that you offer.
  • Update older free reports with current up-to-date information and re-release them.

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