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2 Ways to Approach Search Engine Optimization, Link Building & PR

Inbound links drive targeted website traffic, boost your SEO ranking and help online readers find your website and become Facebook fans, Twitter followers and email newsletter subscribers.

Every time I speak, someone always asks me how to get more links to the website.

The Hard Way to get Inbound Links

Post truly brilliant content that is colorful, valuable and controversial.

The Easy Way to Get Inbound Links

Set up a PR program that promotes every thing you do.

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At the last Mequoda Summit, Carl Kravetz, a Mequoda Advisory Board Member and Publisher of Vida Y Salud, asked Mequoda Daily Managing Editor Christopher Sturk his secret for producing great quantities of inbound links.

Chris walked Carl through his step-by-step approach to PR & Link Building. Carl took careful notes asking questions as he went. Chris explained how to build a PR list, write a good release and work the contacts for links.

At first Carl seemed satisfied.

But then he looked at Chris and asked, “But what makes you so good at this?”

Chris thought for a long moment and replied:

    For me, being Managing Editor of Mequoda Daily is not about building my by-line or clips. It’s about putting the site on page-one in Google and increasing targeted website traffic. Most of the people I went to J-school with are about building their by-line and clips and that would make them bad at what I do. My job is to promote all the other great writers on the Mequoda Daily team, not myself. And I like it that way. Maybe that makes me more of a marketer than an editor… but it makes me happy. I get a big charge out of releasing a new free report on Friday and then watching it climb to page-one in Google based on my PR and link building efforts. It’s fun for me, so I work at it and I guess I’m pretty good at it.

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Let Chris show you how to make your most brilliant content shine even more brightly.

Hope to see you and your team online for this great new program.

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