SEO Targeting Taught at Mequoda Bootcamp

Content marketers and online editors should not forget the importance of being found in search engines

The Mequoda Bootcamp now incorporates three workshops, including the SEO Targeting workshop which helps you write targeted website copy.

The SEO Targeting workshop teaches how to target keyword phrases and write the headline, subhead and body copy outline. During this 30-minute program, you will also discover the importance of page titles, meta descriptions and a keyword-rich URL structure.

We’ve discussed the habitual nature of search engine users in the past – as 92% of adults online use search engines, 59% are using them each day. Often times, search engines are the starting point for relationships, as users search for topics that interest them and visit the sites ranking the highest in search engine queries.

If you want to be the source of information ranking at the top of search engine result pages, then you need to understand and constantly practice the art of SEO copywriting. This process, of course, begins with properly researching and targeting keyword phrases that your audience is searching for.

If you need to better understand the process of SEO targeting, join us at the Mequoda Bootcamp, and experience our 30-minute SEO Targeting workshop.

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