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Simple Email Marketing Tips & Advice From Top Bloggers

Email marketing isn’t always easy. These days there’s so much junk email that it can be very hard to get your readers to open emails, let alone create a connection with them. With the amount of spam out there it can be very difficult differentiating a good email from a waste of time. Below are a few articles that should help improve your overall email marketing techniques to hopefully avoid people thinking your emails are a “waste of time.”

An Insider’s Guide to Write Powerful & Simple Emails

Let’s cut to the chase, many small businesses struggle with email marketing. Specifically, they often freak out at the idea of writing an email marketing campaign, let alone one email to their customers. I want to share how to get laser-focused on your target audience of your emails and offer several techniques to write simple and powerful emails that motivate your audience to act on your email marketing campaign.

The first thing I want to dispel is a myth that you’ve probably been told over and over again — the myth is that you need a giant list in order to be successful. This simply isn’t true.

List Quality Over List Quantity

The comparison of Quality vs. Quantity almost sounds like something you’d put on a motivational poster in your office, doesn’t it?

I want you to consider something. When I talk about a list I’m really talking about people. Your email list is not a group of cattle ready to be rounded up. Your list is made of people who eat, sleep and dream just like you.

How do you and I know if these people are high quality? Maybe I should define quality first, and then we can figure out who fits into the “quality” category.

See the whole email marketing guide from InfusionSoft here

Email Marketing Metrics: Open Rates

Many of our webinar attendees and customers are unclear how email open rates are tracked, and email open tracking has some caveats so it is important to understand the tracking mechanisms.

In this 3-part blog we’ll cover email marketing metrics – starting with email open rates.  Other important email marketing metrics you may want to review include email delivery rate and email click-through rates.

First, a few quick definitions:

Total Opens – Total email opens measures the total number of times your email campaign has been opened. For example if you send a campaign to 10 people and 4 people each open the email twice, a total of 8 opens will be reported (most email providers report this number).

Unique Opens – Unique email opens measures the total number of unique recipients who opened your email.  If 4 people each open your email twice, the unique email open rate will be 4.

Both metrics are important.  Unique opens measures the number of people who are ‘engaged’ with your content – the portion of your email audience that is reading your emails.  Total opens are also important – if the ratio of total opens to unique opens is high (ie on average, people are opening your email multiple times), this indicates people may be passing along your email to colleagues and/or they may be saving your email for reference and referring back to it.

Learn more about Email Marketing Metrics from Pinpointe here

Your Content Marketing Doesn’t Have to Suck – Advice from the Godfather

Content marketing can get messy. Really messy.

Blog posts. Email Marketing. Social. Webinars. Every quarter brings a next big thing (hello, Pinterest). With so many moving parts, how can you find the time to evolve your content strategy for optimal results?

Churning out content in a variety of channels is the lifeblood of online marketing. But without a framework – if you’re not directly linking your content cycles to your customers’ buying cycles – you’ll never get the best return on your efforts. You need a process with real goals tied to conversion and ROI, not just eyeballs and fans.

With that in mind, we asked Joe Pulizzi, aka the “Godfather of Content Marketing” for a favor: tell us a few ways to get the most out of content marketing.

Learn more content marketing tips from AWeber here


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