Solutions for a Cluttered Email Inbox?

From email marketing to personal correspondence, what messages will reach the top of an email inbox?

If you’re an active member of the online environment then you probably receive an excess of emails everyday. Wouldn’t you love to organize your email so the important messages get to you before the less-important ones?

That’s what Hilary Mason, the lead scientist at Bitly has done, as reported by Nick Bolton, the Lead Bits Blogger at the The New York Times.

Mason has experimented with code within her Gmail account. She was successfully able to create rules that prioritized the emails that reach her inbox. People who have emailed with Mason before, specifically listed people and emails with important content that’s analyzed semantically are shuffled to the top of her inbox by her E-mail Classifier.

Mason hopes to release the code to her E-mail Classifier in the fall so others can create better organization within their inboxes.

This E-mail Classifier can be useful for those who receive way too many emails. It can also make people participating in email marketing pay closer attention to the content they are providing through email. If the email marketing content is considered to be valuable through semantic analysis, it may reach higher in the recipient’s inbox.

Also, email marketers who create strong relationships with their audiences may be specifically designated as important people in these systems. Yet another reason to email with thought and care…and to make long-lasting relationships with your audience.

Read the original article from The New York Times Technology Blog

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