Strategies Shared for Twitter, SEO

We discussed the significance social signals have in SEO before, but much of what we’ve shared involves the engagement that comes with these social activities. Now there is more evidence to prove that social media involving keyword phrases has a  positive impact.

The messages you create, whether through social media, email or directly on your blog, have a purpose and a target. The target is always a mix of the keyword phrases endemic to your brand, and the audience members who consume content based on those keyword phrases.

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Tiny Prints, a chic stationary company, recently shared data on how they increased user engagement by 300% and average page ranking across keywords by 47%. One main step in this process involved determining pages that could be promoted easily via Twitter and targeting the keywords on these pages. The associated URL included the keywords as well. They then reached out to users with these targeted tweets.

Doesn’t seem too difficult or groundbreaking, huh? This strategy was part of a campaign that had significant results. For more on it, take a look at this article from BrightEdge.

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