The 5 Ultimate On-Page SEO Elements

What do you think makes up on-page SEO? Is it all about your keyword density?

Some people new to SEO may believe this; that SEO success relies solely on the ways you enter keywords into your title, subhead, body copy, and all related tags.

That notion however, is far from the truth. In fact, there are numerous components that relate to successful on-page SEO.

SEOmoz demonstrates this well in a post and through some visual infographics. The five key elements for on-page SEO cited by SEOmoz include:

-Use and repetition of primary keyword phrases. This accounts for about 40% of on-page SEO.

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-Page’s user experience. This involves design, quality, and usage metrics, and accounts for 30% of on-page SEO.

-Depth and value of content. This accounts for 15% of on-page SEO.

-Use and related keywords accounts for 7.5% of on-page SEO.

-Topic and theme of page account for the final 7.5%.

Did you think on-page SEO involved as many elements as cited by SEOmoz? If not, take a look at their article to learn more about on-page SEO.


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