The Audience Development Analytics Suite

Maximize your audience development efforts by looking at the cold hard facts

For the last six months, our keyword analysts have been working on a new reporting package that helps guide an audience development strategy through detailed data.

Personally, I was very impressed when I first saw the report and started using it for my own content.

The Audience Development Analytics Suite (ADAS) is comprehensive, as it’s comprised of five different reporting tools: the Google Visibility Report, Keyword Performance Report, Content Performance Report, Traffic Source Report, and Inbound Link Report.

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Although you may be familiar with our Google Visibility Report by now, there are reports within the ADAS that are brand new.

For instance, in the Content Performance Report you can see the specific articles that drive traffic to your website. Along with this information, you can sort the report to show the total visits, average time on site, percent new visits, and the pages per visit. “Sticky visits” and the “sticky visit index” show how good the articles are at bringing continual traffic. The report also shows annual impressions and the Google rank of the page (if the page does rank).

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