Email News: The Best Email Design Relates to Your Overall Email Strategy

When someone discusses the components of the best email design, what do you think about? Is it the physical look of the email newsletter or marketing piece? Or does it go beyond the look?

Top email marketers look at the whole picture before defining the best email design. They consider their own list growth, the competition, metrics behind mailings, the physical aspect of email and all distribution requirements.

You need to become a better email marketer

Do you understand the evolution of email? If you don’t, your email marketing messages may become irrelevant or unread. At that point your time and money become wasted and you’re still not able to reach your audience.

How does someone become a better email marketer? Start with the basics…


Build an email relationship with trust and understanding

Email marketers must understand their audience just as an audience wants to understand what they’re receiving. Inform your audience of your content and when they will be receiving it. Being inaccurate or dishonest with this information will lead to someone quickly unsubscribing you. After grasping that concept, take a look at other actions that encourage audience members to unsubscribe from your emails.

It isn’t just the competition that’s difficult to deal with for email marketers; the audience is pretty tricky too. The habitual nature of email checking and the aspect of crowded inboxes have led to the creation of at least one app that helps you efficiently sort through an inbox. Start practicing your email subject lines and consider your email newsletter content wisely, or you may become a victim of Triage.

Keep track of your email marketing metrics

Not playing attention to email marketing metrics will lead down a dangerous path where you’re not sure if your progressing or not. So how can you really look at the metrics properly? To start, try benchmarking your email list against your competitors instead of only looking at your year-over-year numbers.

Benchmarking like this will not only help you stay caught up with metrics, but you’ll also keep an eye on what the competition is doing.

The numbers behind email usage are significant

According to, the average worker receives 11,680 emails per year. It’s not surprising. Email is such a significant part of professional communication that’s time tested and approved with confidence. Of course there’s junk, but what communication tool doesn’t experience that? The evolution of email will continue, probably longer than many other digital fads.

Another more astounding number associated with email marketing is its ROI. Some marketers have been able to harness the power of email marketing successfully, earning an ROI of $44. Is email marketing the most effective and reliable tool in your arsenal? It can be by utilizing the right strategies.

The email marketing evolution continues…

Undoubtedly, email marketing is here to stay. Professional use of email will continue and more people are accessing their inboxes on smart phones. As more tablets are used for consuming email content, the level of connectedness grows within email.

Going forward, email marketers will consider the true cost of email marketing to determine the most effective way of reaching subscribers who have learned to habitually use email in their daily lives.


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