The Difference Between An Email Copywriter and an SEO Copywriter

Copywriting was once a very coveted skill. Writers would hone their skills for years to develop the right mix of storytelling and emotion grabbing writing that sells a product.

However, after the Internet grew, developed, and became a medium for commerce, the need for copywriters grew. This brought a variety of other professionals to the craft – including online editors, content marketers, and audience development professionals.

For the online business professionals who have been given the copywriting hat to wear, here are a few things to understand about copywriting.

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First, email copywriting and SEO copywriting are equally important online, yet they are slightly different than one another. Both begin with creating persuasive content that calls readers to action, yet has a flow that provides a good read.

One main difference between SEO copywriters and email copywriters is that SEO copywriters need to optimize their website copy for targeted keyword phrases. Email copywriters need to develop content that meets the requirements of email service providers and spam filters. This includes creating email subject lines that are interesting and engaging enough to persuade the recipient to open it. They also need to avoid using specific words that will cause the email to trigger a spam filter and not make it to the inbox. Email copywriters laying out snippet-based email newsletters also need to pick body copy that gets people to click links and visit the website.

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