The Future of Search Engines

Can Blekko take on Google?

Startups have attempted to slay the ruling search engine before. Google isn’t new to this experience, but they have not been dethroned thus far.

Enter Blekko, a new search engine that opened to the public this week.

According to Rich Skrenta, the founder of Blekko, “The goal is to clean up Web search and get all the spam out of it.”

With all the pages Google indexes, there have bound to be some that meet algorithmic requirements, but aren’t the best sources of information. For instance, if a blogger is writing about medical conditions, that article may end up higher in search results than an article on the same topic written by a doctor.

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Blekko wants to make only the best content appear in searches. This is a great theory as it will greatly enrich the information found in searches, but Google is a pretty huge entity to take on.

Plus, there doesn’t appear to be an overwhelming desire to have an alternative to Google’s content.

What do you think about this? Do you think Blekko would provide better content than Google currently does? Do you like the idea of credibility playing part in search results? Do you think this new search engine will affect Google at all? I’d love to hear your opinions.

And for more on Blekko and Google, check out the article from the New York Times.

    Amanda M.

    If they’re doing anything noteworthy in their algorythm, Google will probably acquire them anyway!


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