The Most Common Use of SEO

Discover a shift in the way marketers are using SEO

Optimizing content for search engines helps publishers market their content in a natural way. Often times, SEO receives more credibility than paid advertisements, and may remain ranked for a longer period of time, leading to more visibility.

What SEO efforts are you engaged in, and why? A recent article from eMarketer discusses data that shows the primary way marketers are using SEO.

In 2010, 34% of companies surveyed by Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) said that lead generation was the primary reason for doing SEO. In 2011, 42% are now citing “driving website traffic” as he primary reason for doing SEO. Lead generation is now considered as the second most important objective in using SEO, at 29%.

Additionally, data from MarketingSherpa shows that 57% of US search marketers consider SEO to be “very effective” in driving website traffic.

At Mequoda Group, we focus heavily on SEO to drive website traffic because we find organic content to be more credible than paid listings. Organic content also helps in long-tail marketing due to its sustainability.

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SEO suggestions

For those who want to maximize SEO efforts, we some free digital white papers that provide relevant content.

SEO Campaign Management Basics will teach you how to receive more visibility for your website. It focuses on creating free products that audience members will find valuable, and then the report discusses the process of promoting the free product.

SEO campaigns, when executed properly, can account for significant amounts of traffic and conversions.

The SEO Copywriting Handbook will teach you how to write for search engines so the content will be reviewed and indexed by Google bots.

Increasing Website Traffic & Building Email Marketing Lists includes dozens of methods for generating a larger email file through more website traffic.

For more information on the above SEO statistics, take a look at eMarketer’s article.


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