The New MySpace Social Media Strategy

Will the new MySpace help users forget the old MySpace

New MySpace logo

“This marks the beginning of an exciting turning point for MySpace. Our new strategy expands on MySpace’s existing strengths – a deep understanding of social, a wealth of entertainment content and the ability to surface emerging cultural trends in real-time through our users.” -Mike Jones, CEO of MySpace

MySpace will now focus on social entertainment for Generation Y. They want to expand to include music, celebrities, movies, television and games that will be available through multiple platforms, including online, mobile devices and offline events.

It’s about time they admit and embrace their place in social media. They are not and should not be compared to Facebook, two totally different niches within social media. And YES, there is room for both. If there wasn’t, MySpace would have disappeared long ago.

The fact that there are so many faithful users in defense of MySpace is proof enough. If you don’t like it, you’re probably not their target audience anyways. Generation Y, according to Wikipedia, entails ‘someone born between 1975-1995, who has a reputation for being peer oriented due to easier facilitation of communication through technology.’ Sounds like MySpace has finally realized who their target audience is and formed a social media strategy that appeals to them. Kudos!

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According to their press release, here are the goals for the new MySpace:

* Discover and engage with MySpace’s broad array of programming including originals, exclusives and content from around the Web.

* Express, collect and display their creations and interests on their profiles and through sharing tools.

* Connect to other fans with similar tastes.

MySpace has a new logo, new profile pages and new free mobile apps. Will this help users forget the old MySpace and its flaws?  So far the overall reaction is mixed, but among the loyal users, comments are positive.

MySpace currently features more than 20,000 entertainment-focused topic landing pages where fans can join discussions and add new content. New games, comedy, sports and fashion are expected to be unveiled in the coming months. “Right Now” shows trending content in real-time, which helps users find recently added music and videos, and lets them listen or watch right from the interactive chart. They also offer customizable profile pages, making users feel comfortable and in-charge of their space. All of this combined with user generated content makes them King of social entertainment.

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