The Top 10 Newspapers on Facebook & Twitter

Master Facebook and Twitter and you’re halfway to mastering Internet Marketing

Journalistics recently posted a couple of blogs on their research of the top newspapers on Facebook and the top newspapers on Twitter. They noted that some newspapers made it extremely hard to find them, which makes me wonder how they’ve titled their Facebook URLS and Twitter handles.

In generalities, you should think of your Twitter handle and your Facebook URL as another keyword to target. When someone Googles “[your publication] on Twitter”, it should show up first so long as you’ve named yourself accurately.

Top 10 Newspapers on Facebook

Ranked by fans, here are the top 10 newspapers on Facebook:

  1. The New York Times – 781,655
  2. The Wall Street Journal140,515
  3. The Washington Post68,152
  4. The Denver Post30,690
  5. USA Today28,332
  6. The Los Angeles Times 20,715
  7. The Chicago Tribune 19,448
  8. The Arizona Republic 18,002
  9. The New York Post8,087
  10. The San Francisco Chronicle8,051

To see the entire list, read the full article. A few other notes from the article:

  • The Detroit Free Press is the only newspaper from the top 25 that doesn’t have a vanity URL.
  • USA Today is one of the only newspapers to NOT have a ‘friend us on Facebook’ option on its homepage.
  • The New York Times demolishes the competition online, with five times the Likes as The Wall Street Journal.


Top 10 Newspapers on Twitter

Not surprisingly, The New York Times kills the competition again on Twitter. What I love is how @ColonelTribune beats out the official @ChicagoTribune Twitter account. Colonel Tribune is noted as “a more gentlemanly version of the Chicago Tribune.”

“The Colonel”, unlike The Chicago Tribune, is a more personable account that engages with their audience and doesn’t just push headlines. What does that tell you?

In any case, here is the list.

  1. @nytimes – 2,668,948
  2. @coloneltribune – 845,103
  3. @wsj – 464,591
  4. @washingtonpost – 204,514
  5. @latimes – 83,335
  6. @usatoday – 72,929
  7. @newyorkpost – 57,605
  8. @chicagotribune – 34,490 (also goes by @coloneltribune, the #2 account)
  9. @denverpost – 32,755
  10. @dallas_news – 24,726

For the top 25, check out the full list. Here are some interesting notes from the article:

  • The New York Times was the first of the Top 25 to join Twitter, way back in March 2, 2007.
  • The Contra Costa Times, The Washington Post and The Oregonian all joined later that month.
  • Only The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times have Verified Twitter accounts.

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