Three Resources for Lifecycle Email Marketing Campaigns

Are you developing a lifecycle email marketing system for your organization? Do you know which aspects are most important? Do you know which components need to be customized to properly fit your audience? The following resources will help you understand lifecycle email marketing better.

This article from Silverpop, an email and marketing automation company, offers 14 element tips for campaigns, messaging and re-engagement. One specific message element involves targeting based on website page visits, which is an interesting approach.

Next, Responsys provides an informative graphic for all lifecycle marketers. The graphic’s basis relies on acquisition, relationship, and conversion. Take a look at it for a visual impression.

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Finally, for a look at current email actions versus lifecycle email marketing, read through this article I wrote at the end of last year. In addition to the seven parts of a lifecycle email marketing campaign that the article shares, a main focal point is customization factor. There is not exact template for a campaign that will work for all companies. This is why the common elements are shared throughout this article, and others, so email marketers understand the components they need to customize.

A complete lifecycle email marketing campaign may not be the goal of every company. The process does take time and resources. However, the elements discussed in each of these articles should help you better understand changes that you can make, which will allow you to build stronger relationships through email.


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