Tips for Staying on Top of Social Media

7 sources that marketers, social media experts and digital strategy personnel monitor on a daily basis

Social media is effortlessly expanding. People of all ages have flocked to social networks so they can stay in contact with friends and family, work on advancements in their career or share content that they are passionate about.

For many online business professionals, it can be tedious to stay up-to-date with audience members and what the current trend is.

However, in the digital world, when major exposure can potentially happen at any minute, it’s important to stay attentive.

In a recent article from Mashable, seven ways that ad agencies stay on top of social media were discussed. These are listed below.

Seven ways to stay engaged with social media

-RSS: You can easily monitor hundreds of blogs each day that are most relevant to your content with an RSS reader. Attempting to monitor the same amount of blogs without an RSS reader would consume too much time.

-Yammer: This social network is designed specifically for private communication. Some companies use it so employees can communicate with one another, while others use it to work privately with other companies. According to TechCrunch, as of September 2010, 80% of Fortune 500 companies were using Yammer.

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-Twitter: Twitter has become like an RSS feed, especially if you are following individuals that share your common interests. Since the popularity of Twitter has grown, an array of conversations may be taking place about your main topics. Using Twitter search to find users and topics of interest will help your Twitter activity.

-Facebook: A lot of social media popularity is because of the massive use of Facebook. Information gets shared among this platform and brands experience “likes” that help boost visibility.

-Tumblr: As another microblogging platform, Tumblr can be used like Facebook, but tends to be used more like an actual blog, whereas Facebook doesn’t always experience that usage.

-In-office meetings: Sharing knowledge, perceptions and expertise not only helps people stay engaged with current industry trends, it also helps new ideas to form.

-Out-of-office meetings: Networking with others outside of your company helps to inform and get creativity flowing. Twitter can be used to help organize meetings with like-minded individuals.

-People outside of business: Talking to people who have nothing to do your with profession can help you develop alternative mindsets for marketing products.

What other methods do you use to stay knowledgeable about your industry or the topics that interest you? I’d love to hear your ideas.

For more on this topic, take a look at this article from Mashable.


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