Top Magazine Brands Share Similar Social Media Strategies

Discover what magazines with the most likes on Facebook are doing

What does your Facebook strategy entail? Is it working for your organization?

Amanda MacArthur, Mequoda Group’s Social Media Specialist, has written about Facebook tips in the past, including Facebook SEO tips.

Today, however, I want to discuss some information from a recent eMedia Vitals article.

This article highlighted the five magazines with the most likes on Facebook – Playboy, Vogue, People, Cosmopolitan and Seventeen. Then, it discussed common themes found in these magazines’ Facebook strategies.

All publishers who are actively engaging on Facebook can consider these five common themes.

1. The brand is established outside of Facebook. The top five magazines do have strong roots in print. If you have print materials, you should display your Facebook information within the print magazines.

If you don’t have a print magazine, blogs can also help establish your content. Incorporating search engine optimized content will aid in bringing in organic traffic.


2. Less is more when it comes to posting. The eMedia Vitals article made a great point. Too much posting can be annoying to people, especially on Facebook. Posting one to three times a day is Vogue’s frequency, and might work well for your publication.

3. Exclusive content becomes a VIP experience. In the case of Time Inc.’s People, they use their Facebook to initially greet people, tell what is found at the Facebook page and ask them to like the brand. Amanda Lucci, author of the article from eMedia Vitals, refers to it as a “cover letter”.

4. Facebook complements other brand elements. Some brands carefully promote for products via their Facebook page. If you have a product that’s expected to be of interest to your audience, like an interactive app or a free report, use your Facebook page to share the information.

5. Tie Facebook content back to print content. If you have a print magazine, you can tie content back to it by asking for user input. Offer to include the best user generated content into future print articles, or articles featured on your blog. Some audiences are very receptive to receiving a celebrity-like treatment from brands they admire.

Are you using different Facebook strategies and seeing positive results? I’d love to hear about your strategies in the comments below.


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