Train Your Editors in SEO Copywriting

You have a keyword universe…now what?

Successful online businesses rely on talented copywriters who understand search engine optimization. In a time when job requirements are changing, especially in the publishing industry, SEO copywriting is a skill that many online business professionals are trying to learn.

The first tool many SEO copywriters seek is a keyword universe. Having a viable, comprehensive keyword universe is an efficient way to target the keyword phrases you can rank on. Targeting keyword phrases with high search volumes and low competition makes capturing search engine visibility possible.

For some online publishers, search engines account for over 60% of their traffic. This is an example showing the importance of SEO copywriting. And although it’s important to diversify your traffic sources as much as possible, but no one will turn down thousands of new visitors from search engines, yielded through successful SEO copywriting.

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Hopefully you have your keyword universe compiled to a working degree. But then what? You need to exercise your SEO copywriting skills so you can create optimized blog posts, rapid conversion landing pages and press releases to get the your organic online promotions generating conversions.

One tip for SEO copywriters writing for paid products: Write a title that leads with the main benefit, even if the benefit doesn’t have a keyword phrase in it. The rest of the copy can support a healthy keyword density. Communicating the benefit up front has led to increases in sales for paid products. If you want to see a case study that proves this notion to be true, take a look at this article from Don Nicholas.

Without superb SEO copywriting skills, your copy will likely suffer and perhaps not sound as natural as desired. Keyword stuffing no longer flies in the world of search engines, so SEO copywriters need to utilize tips and tricks for fluent, natural SEO copywriting.

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