Twitter Advertisements Driving Significant Revenue

Twitter’s design fits well in a quick moving Internet landscape. The 140 characters or less can grab attention easily, and drive traffic to a defined landing page. What some advertisers are also discovering is that Twitter meshes well with advertising.

Recently, the discussion about Twitter’s mobile advertising ability has come to light, and as points out, “Twitter is now generating the majority of its revenue from ads shown to its users on mobile gadgets, rather than from ads on”

This information comes from Twitter executives in a year when more expansion of Twitter’s ad network is rolling out. The promoted advertising product will reach 50 new markets by the end of 2012, including Latin America, Brazil, and Western Europe.

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With growth in mobile, and a lack of mobile advertising success for Facebook, Twitter execs are looking at some promising ground.

With legitimate success from Twitter advertising, don’t be surprised to see more usage in the future. Some advertisers are experiencing up to 70 percent of interactions from Twitter advertising campaigns, and total advertising for the micropublishing site is expected to double since 2011 – reaching $259.9 million, according to eMarketer.

As more advertisers turn to Twitter’s advertising program, more emphasis will be placed on the promotion of real-time events. Furthermore, more companies currently advertising on Facebook may switch to Twitter in hopes of better mobile performances.

What do you think will happen to Twitter in the future? Will they become a stronger advertising arm than Facebook? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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