Using Blockbuster SEO Posts to Quickly Increase Website Traffic

Do not forget the power of blockbuster SEO posts in 2012

We’ve discussed blockbuster posts before. In fact, Don Nicholas, CEO of Mequoda Group, wrote a great article on the process of writing blockbuster SEO posts in 2011. And more recently Don is asking for you to share your own blockbuster posts with us.

It’s the process of creating blockbuster posts that online publishers, editors and SEO copywriters should be focusing on to increase website traffic. It allows holes in your market to be filled adequately with the content you provide. When these holes in the market exist, it’s very possible to experience high page rankings quickly after publishing.

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The blockbuster SEO posts we’ve focused throughout our niche have resulted in thousands of new page views each month. That type of opportunity may be waiting in your niche if you aren’t aware how to find potential blockbuster SEO topics.

Do you already know how to create blockbuster posts? Do you know how to even find potential topics to create blockbuster posts on? If not, you should take a look at the tips for writing blockbuster posts Don has shared in the past. If that’s not enough to build your online audience, you can join us at the Audience Development Summit this October, where successful publishers and CEOs will share the strategies they’ve used to succeed in the digital environment.

Originally published 2/8/2012


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