Using Custom OFIEs to Increase Website Conversion Rates

Discover how Golf Vacation Insider uses customization on its article landing pages to dramatically increase its website visitor to email conversion rates from search

Have you ever wished you could have more than one Rapid Conversion Landing Page per cluster? Our best practice is to create and market one per cluster. For most audience development portals, getting complete SEO campaigns up and running for each of their primary keyword clusters is a big job. David Baum and Craig Better have fine-tuned their audience development portal, Golf Vacation Insider, to include dozens of Rapid Conversion Landing Pages or their functional equivalent, by customizing the conversion architecture on select high-traffic article pages. It sounds much more complicated when I describe it than it will seem when you actually take a look.

To get the full effect, Google “how to play Augusta.” When you do, the following organic search engine results should appear for you on page one.


When you click on it you’ll be taken to a page on the Golf Vacation Insider website that’s technically a WordPress article page. The article is part of a series that our intrepid audience development masterminds have created that helps high-end golfers find their way onto some of the best private golf courses on the planet. As we often say: It’s about knowing your market and providing your audience valuable information they can’t find elsewhere.

When our dynamic duo sees they’ve hit page one with a post, they upgrade the generic free download offer at the bottom of the page to be more endemic to the article. In effect, they created a mini Rapid Emergent Landing Page that appears to offer a free download that’s an extension of the article on the page.

The results have been dramatic.

Our thanks to Mequoda veterans Baum and Better for sharing this example of extending and enhancing website conversion architecture. Our best practices offer audience development professionals a great starting point for building a website that will convert website visitors to email subscribers at about 10 times the industry average. This case study demonstrates that our best practices are no more than a high performance baseline.

Happy testing!


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