Using SocialPR on Facebook for Audience Development, Increased Website Traffic and User Engagement

Lisa Buyer shares her SocialPR prowess at SES in New York City

Like many online endeavors, public relations is becoming more social.

Lisa Buyer, President and CEO of the Buyer Group, discussed how the term SocialPR is being used to describe the combination of social media and online PR. This trend has come to the industry because the media is search and social savvy too, not just people.

Buyer shared some very interesting statistics during her session Killer Facebook Targeting Tactics on Wednesday afternoon at SES. When it comes to pitching stories to the media, 43% of journalists are getting pitched through Facebook. Even more astonishing, the success rate of securing coverage by pitching through social media is 70%.

These statistics show the evolution public and media relations is experiencing. It’s a more social environment now, and although maintaining your prior list of contacts is valuable, supplying interesting content to the right people can help forge new relationships.

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A new method for online PR

My original online PR activities involved creating SEO press releases and distributing them through free and paid distribution sites online.

I was able to find success in doing so as many releases found a temporary home on Google’s news section. Most releases that ended up in Google stayed there for at least 10 days and these endeavors helped draw in a modest amount of new audience members.

At SES, I discovered a new method for distributing relevant news: the Facebook-friendly press release.

Intrigued? Here’s how to do it…

  1. Write a press release
  2. Break that press release into three parts
  3. Publish each part on your blog
  4. Include a relevant image in each part
  5. Post each part on your Facebook page and make sure the image shows up
  6. Create an eye-catching title for each, make each part interesting and easy to “Like”

According to Bruce Clay, “’Likes’ are the new links” in the world of social media. Try sharing interesting content with the Facebook-friendly press release method and you may be surprised with the results.


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