Utilizing an Online Market Audit for Better Business

The smartest business professionals utilize the tools of the digital age before making major moves. The smart operator or consumer pays due diligence to research before starting a project or buying a product. If the proper attention isn’t paid, it can lead to failure or buyer’s remorse.

It’s interesting; some CEOs expect to take a physical business online with the same strategies they’ve used in the physical world. Although some concepts and strategies may apply, there are always new ones that need to be addressed to find success in your market.

To prepare companies for the online business we’ve developed the Online Market Audit. Can an Online Market Audit help your business? If you cannot answer the following seven questions pertaining to your online business, then the answer is “Yes, an Online Market Audit would help me.”

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-What is the size of your market?
-How fast is market growth taking place?
-Is there seasonality related to your business?
-What keywords are being used in your market?
-Who are the top competitors in your market?
-What potential content partners exist in your market?
-What possible marketing partners are in your market?

If you need an Online Market Audit designed for your online business, contact Kim Mateus by email or phone at 401-293-0401 for more details.


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